The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) is designed to encourage, promote, aid and effect the voluntary interchange of data, information, experience, ideas and knowledge about methods, processes, and techniques relating to investigations and security in advanced technologies among its membership.

Qualifications for Membership

Peace Officers, Investigators and Prosecuting Attorneys engaged in the investigation and/or prosecution of criminal activity associated with computers and/or advanced technologies. Each member shall be regularly employed by the Federal Government, State Government, Counties, and/or Municipal subdivisions of any state, or Management Level and Senior Staff Security Professionals in the regular employ of private business or Industry in the various states, the primary duties of which, are the control and responsibility for security and/or investigation in computer or advanced technology environments, or by virtue of his/her position or interest can provide, or have a need for information and training in the areas of computer and/or advanced technologies.

You may be eligible for membership if:

If you are an investigator in: law enforcement, Regulatory Agencies, Military, Corporate Investigations, corporate Legal Counsel, Brand Protection, Sciences, Auditors, Prosecutorial Offices

If you work in the following sectors: Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, Food Production, Manufacturing, Transportation, Education, Government, Utilities, Intellectual Property Law, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Homeland Security and Homeland Defense Contractors, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Consulting

You investigate any of the following crimes: Intellectual Property Theft – All Types, Network Intrusions, Denial of Service and Theft of Information, Identity Theft, Industrial Control System Intrusions, Fraud and Theft, Trafficking in Drugs, Humans, or Weapons, Harassment, Bullying, Stalking or Crimes Against a Person, Bio-Tech, Cyber, Chemical or Nuclear Terrorism, Other Related Crimes

For information about our policy regarding criminal defense work, please see our defense membership policy page.

Delaware Valley Chapter Membership

Membership in the Delaware Valley Chapter is $65.00 annually.  New membership applications are received online.  Members are notified by the International office at renewal time by email at their email address of record. Renewal reminders are also posted on the home page of the HTCIA International website.

New membership payments and renewals can be made online via credit card or by sending a check to the Executive Office. All checks for membership and/or dues must be paid in U.S. Currency. Applications are subject to approval by the HTCIA Membership Committee and are not valid until membership is approved. If an applicant is not accepted, their money will be refunded in full.

HTCIA memberships are valid from January 1 through December 31 of each year. Please note, however, that new memberships approved in the fourth quarter or beginning October 1, of any calendar year are valid through December 31, of the following year. Current year dues must be paid prior to March 31, or your membership will be terminated and you will need to re-apply as a new member at the prevailing rates.